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The vision of our company is to promote the economic empowerment and social development of tribal women by establishing a sustainable business model that creates value for the women involved and their communities.
The company may prioritize producing high-quality, ethically-sourced products that are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and culturally authentic.
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There are several reasons why people choose us:


Better for the Environment

Higher Nutritional Value

Support for small farmer

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Custard Apple Pulp Rs. 299 Rs. 499
Palash Flower Rs. 99 Rs. 129
Ber Rs. 399 Rs. 499
Dona Pattal Rs. 20 Rs. 35
Ber Stick (Churan Kulfi) Rs. 80 Rs. 115
Dry Spinach Rs. 60 Rs. 80
Spinach Powder Rs. 85 Rs. 120
Bitter Gourd Rs. 85 Rs. 120
Dry Carrot Rs. 75 Rs. 110
Dry Corander Leaf Rs. 65 Rs. 85
Dry Mint Rs. 75 Rs. 85
Dry garlic cloves Rs. 135 Rs. 155
Garlic powder Rs. 150 Rs. 180
Dry green onion Rs. 120 Rs. 149
Dry brinjal Rs. 50 Rs. 80
Chilli flakes Rs. 75 Rs. 95
Dry Cluster bean Rs. 225 Rs. 249
Dry Beet Powder Rs. 90 Rs. 120
Dry Lady finger Rs. 120 Rs. 149


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